Been fixing errors in the level as I've been coming across them. We also had an issue with getting stuck at one of the terminal ends, which is now fixed by walking off a cliff.

We're also doing some garbage clean up now, so those who might have experienced some nasty hangs and hitches, this should be fixed now.

Although we originally intended this to be more of a run-based game, with the changes we implemented in v1.2 and this one (1.3), it's not unreasonable to finish it in 1 run.

There's still an issue where you can't get past the menu on Linux, but once we find someone who actually runs Linux, we'll get that fixed asap.


A Thousand Dormant Machines v1.3 Mac 64 MB
Jun 20, 2017
A Thousand Dormant Machines v1.3 Linux 65 MB
Jun 20, 2017
A Thousand Dormant Machines v1.3 Win 46 MB
Jun 19, 2017

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Hi,  my bug report here
1. When you run back to spawn at the location with the first terminal,  hero runs away behind the screen, taking damage and dying, but if you activate the terminal, you can run back.
2. At the second terminal note"Press E" did not disappear sometimes.