After MUCH deliberation and discussion and arguments we've decided.. to add Difficulty Levels.

Through the magic of technology the player's health gets upped considerably at the lower difficulty level "Walk In The Park"

The original difficulty level has now been renamed "Extremely Difficult"

If one wishes to play somewhere in between, select "Just Normal Stuff"

Also, in totally non-controversial fashion we've removed the Auto-Scrolling, which should make this thing a whole lot easier.


A Thousand Dormant Machines v1.2 Win 49 MB
151 days ago
A Thousand Dormant Machines v1.2 Mac 64 MB
151 days ago
A Thousand Dormant Machines v1.2 Linux 65 MB
151 days ago

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Couldn't get past the start screen on Linux, looks really neat though!

Oh no! We will check it out and get back to you if we find a fix. Thanks for reporting it.